Fri.Mar 27, 2020

West Virginia Was the Last State to ID a COVID-19 Positive Patient; The States’ Residents Are At Highest Risk for Severe Reaction to C19

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Gallup has estimated 11 Million in U.S. at Severe Risk If Infected With COVID-19 in research published today. And the health citizens of West Virginia would be at greatest risk for having a severe reaction to the coronavirus. A “severe reaction” here means being critically ill or dying.

Apple releases COVID-19 screening tool, resource guide

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The new website and app were born out of a partnership with Apple, the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA


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Telehealth group practice offers free care to seniors nationwide during crisis

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

CCS Healthcare is a telehealth practice that has been delivering telehealth care extensively throughout Western Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 2016. It delivers care to assisted living facilities through on-site visits performed by its physician assistants, nurse practitioners and physicians.

Scripps, UCSF kick off wearable-driven research projects to spot viral infections early on

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Both efforts are employing popular consumer wearables and health trackers to spot potential cases of COVID-19 or other viral diseases as they begin


Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Health providers desperate for PPE take to Twitter

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HHS' expected licensing reg appears to be a letter to states — Privacy, telehealth measures in Phase 3 sail through Senate

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Rookie of the Year: Perficient Wins at Domopalooza 2020

Perficient Data & Analytics

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been awarded Domo’s Rookie of the Year Award at the Domopalooza 2020 virtual conference. We’ve been partners with Domo for about a year now and look forward to continuing our relationship and sharing our delivery specialization and industry expertise.


Breaking down barriers to care traced to social determinants of health

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Primary topic: Population Health Disable Auto Tagging: Short Headline: Breaking down barriers to care traced to social determinants of health Featured Decision Content: Region Tag: Global Edition Right Now


Security Assurance in the Expanding Telemedicine Landscape

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Sonia Arista, Healthcare CISO at Fortinet. As with other industries, healthcare continues to thrive thanks to new technologies, including telemedicine.

IoT Hand Washing Tracker: Safety First

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Brian Kirkendall, vice president of product management, Digi International. In 1847, Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis theorized that hand washing could limit the occurrence of puerperal fever among new mothers. But despite the obvious success […]. The article IoT Hand Washing Tracker: Safety First appeared first on


Primary Care Is Dead. Long Live Primary Care!

The primary care system is failing patients and providers. Capacity shortages have led to long wait times and physician burnout. To fix the system, we must find innovative ways to boost capacity and meet patient-consumers’ shifting expectations.

Kno2 On Demand Record Retrieval from Carequality and CommonWell for Free

Healthcare IT Today

In some exciting news for people who have been watching healthcare interoperability for a long time, Carequality has passed an emergency waiver that allows users to access the network and be able to query for records even if the EHR they use is not integrated (this was a requirement before the waiver). For those not […].

Apple teams up with CDC and White House to roll out COVID mobile app and website


Silicon Valley giants are building software and technology tools to serve as healthcare resources in the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Apple has developed a new COVID-19 website and app in partnership with the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency


HRS Launches COVID-Kit and COVID-Mobile to Meet Telehealth Demand

Health Recovery Solutions

Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), the leading provider of telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions, announced the first telehealth COVID-Kit available to all providers.

More hospitals turn to in-house tests to handle surge of COVID-19 patients


More hospitals and academic medical centers are turning to their own labs to develop in-house COVID-19 tests to bypass the long wait for results


Big Idea: Primary Care Automation

Healthcare automation that gives primary care providers more time with their patients—and less on screens—can improve care for patients, increase satisfaction for providers, and deliver positive bottom-line results for system leaders. Download this guide to learn how to optimize automation and keep the patient-provider relationship at the heart of the healthcare experience.

COVID-19 Potpourri of Stories

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A new COVID-19 story everywhere you turn. It’s hard to know what to share and what not to share. Hopefully, you’re finding value in the stories we have shared about COVID-19 and healthcare IT. We’re always open to feedback on what we can do to better serve you and your teams.

Urban Institute: COVID-19 pandemic highlights risks of Medicaid block grants


The coronavirus pandemic puts a spotlight on some of the biggest risks for states seeking to roll out Medicaid block grants, a new analysis shows.


Join Healthcare’s Powerful Telehealth Response to COVID-19

CE App

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow in the United States, demand for telehealth services has skyrocketed to the point where many systems have been overwhelmed.

Migrating Workloads to the Cloud with IBM Cloud Paks

Perficient Data & Analytics

This is the first in our series on IBM Cloud Paks. According to a study by McKinsey & Company , IT teams are migrating the simplest workloads to the cloud, but about 80% of workloads are still on-premises.


Virtual Front Door or Brick Wall? Care Pathways in Healthcare

Are you offering your patients a virtual front door or a brick wall? Today, 85% of healthcare visits start online. If your patients don’t have a way to access care virtually, you’re losing them to Dr. Google. Clear care pathways that start online ensure your patients get the best care they need while staying loyal to you.

HITAC sets up COVID task force to focus on tech issues impeding frontline clinicians


An advisory group to ONC is standing up a coronavirus task force to tackle privacy and interoperability issues that are impeding frontline clinicians as they combat the growing outbreak.

COVID-19 Humor – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

It’s Friday after a long year…I mean month…oh crap, it’s only been a week. Well, regardless of how it’s felt, we’ve made it to Friday and you know what that means.

HIPAA Privacy Rule Waiver

Telebehavioral Health Institute

Emergency HIPAA Privacy Rule Waiver During an emergency or public health crisis, some elements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule may be waived. As of March 15, 2020, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), issued an … Read more.


James McClurg MD APC Partners with OrthoLive


James McClurg MD APC has signed an agreement with OrthoLive as its exclusive telemedicine partner. OrthoLive will provide the technology solution to deliver telemedicine appointments for new and established patients at the practice. partnership announcement news

Convenience Care Is Here, and It's Eating Your Lunch

Patients want high-quality care that is accessible and affordable. If they can’t get it from you, direct-to-consumer healthcare services make it easy for them to get it somewhere else. Give them the ability to consume your services just like they consume everything else in their lives: on their phones or computers, quickly, and where it’s convenient for them.

Use Feedback to Improve Engagement in the Healthcare Workplace


Millennials make up the largest generation working in healthcare, and their numbers and predominance will only continue to grow. That’s why it is important for healthcare managers to learn how to make regular communication about performance work, specifically for millennials


Medication Deliveries During the COVID-19 Pandemic


With 150 million Americans living with at least one chronic illness, ready access to medications – delivered on time and to the front door – has become all the more critical as communities grapple with COVID-19.


Weekender 3/27/20

HIStalk Weekender

Weekly News Recap UC San Diego Health publishes a. Weekender


Internal Hackathon for COVID19 Response – Team VoxCare


Background. Our Customer Engagement Solutions group at Perficient is focused on helping our customers improve communication and interactions with their customers.


Stop Creating Disloyal Patients

90 percent of patients feel no obligation to stay with a healthcare system that doesn’t offer digital tools. What can you do in the face of such a sobering statistic? Patient-facing telehealth options that allow patients to get virtually instantaneous care privately, securely, and from anywhere can keep your patients from seeking care from the easiest, nearest, and cheapest provider.

Steering Nearly 60% Collections Improvement for a Health System

Hinduja Global Solutions

A Pennsylvania-based health system was struggling to support growth of a complex insurance collections program, undermined by labor-intensive and inefficient A/R processes.


Configuring Oracle EPM 11.2


The new software for Oracle Hyperion 11.2 was downloaded from Oracle and installed onto a Microsoft Windows 2019 Server. All of the necessary binaries for Hyperion 11.2 Oracle Hyperion Planning Plus” have to be laid down onto the Server in the appropriate location.


HRS Launches COVID-19 Telehealth Pathways to Help Clients

Health Recovery Solutions

Health Recovery Solutions, a national provider of telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions, announced today the launch of COVID-19 telehealth clinical pathways.