Sun.May 12, 2019

Are we making artificial intelligence biased?


The tale is told of a large realm, of 1.4 billion, the largest nation in the world. It has a culture that is old, rich and grounded. A citizen’s worth can be understood, determined, exalted or decried. In modern times said country has a visionary leader for life.

Security Appliances and FHIR Servers

Health Intersections

The FHIR Standard doesn’t say much about security. Given the critical importance of security for healthcare data, readers are sometimes surprised by this.


Secure Messaging Startup Induction Healthcare to raise £16.6M on the London Stock Exchange AIM

Lloyd Price

Induction Healthcare PLC is to be only the third company to IPO on AIM in 2019 when it joins the junior market later this month. The business has developed an app that gives doctors and other healthcare professionals quick access to hospital records and medical information.