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When Tech companies try to disrupt Healthcare, they just create the NHS

Lloyd Price

In the Belgian startup scene, companies are trying to use technology to solve healthcare’s problems. But the system they're creating already exists.

Transparency in Improving Electronic Health Record Usability and Safety

Healthcare Guys

ver the last 9 years the US health care system has undergone an unprecedented transition from paper-based clinical record keeping to electronic health records (EHRs).

EHR 70

Aetna, Ascension Join Blockchain Project Aimed at Addressing Provider Data Issues

Healthcare Informatics

Following up on a healthcare blockchain project established earlier this year, Aetna and Ascension are now joining the initiative


New Tech Tonics Podcast: Ari Caroline: Broad Intellect Meets Deep Humanity

Digital Health

Money First, Then Kids: The State of the American Family in 2018

Health Populi

Most American families with children at home are concerned about paying bills on a monthly basis.


ResMed acquires digital respiratory health company Propeller Health

Mobi Health News

ResMed is expected to close the $225M deal to purchase the smart inhaler company by March 2019.


A Look into the Future with IDC Health Insights’ Mutaz Shegewi

Healthcare Informatics

An interview with Mutaz Shegewi of IDC Health Insights about tech trends impacting healthcare over the next five years


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December's heavy health IT agenda

Morning eHealth

Getting All of Us into All of Us — Holiday interoperability gathering at White House

FDA announces eight winners of opioid epidemic innovation challenge

Mobi Health News

The eight devices will receive increased guidance and interaction for their clearance efforts, and some will receive Breakthrough Device designation


Four Health and Aging Technology Blog Posts from November 2018

Aging in Place Technology Watch

A short month saw plenty of food – and provided food for thought. Many (54 million!) traveled during the US Thanksgiving holiday, according to AAA.


Patient financial engagement platform MedPilot snags $1.7M in seed funding

Mobi Health News

The Cedars-Sinai accelorator alumnus plans to use the money to grow its workforce and launch new engagement functionality.


Health IT Startup: Intiva Health

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Intiva Health is the first truly integrated career platform for healthcare professionals. It redefines the medical credentialing process by making it faster, more efficient and more secure.

Patient access to data: Global examples

Mobi Health News

Giving patients control of their own data is essential, Dr. Shafi Ahmed, CMO, Medical Realities, says, adding that smartphones are an indispensable tool for empowering the patient


Fired female executive accuses Optum of gender discrimination, ignoring abusive treatment


A rising female executive at an Optum subsidiary has accused the company of gender discrimination, alleging she was passed over for a promotion in favor of a “chauvinistic and misogynistic” male executive who routinely berated her.


Hong Kong’s BookHA app extended to more specialties for case booking services

Mobi Health News


How a Domestic Violence Survivor Strengthens Athletic Communities Against Abuse

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

Tokeitha Wilson (left), Christopher King and Celeste Davis at the Center for Total Health next to Kaiser Permanente’s CEO, Bernard J. Tyson.

Tabula Rasa Healthcare acquires fellow medication safety platform DoseMe

Mobi Health News

As part of the deal Tabula Rasa will acquire the DoseMeRx platform, which gives clinicians information about how a patient will metabolize and absorb certain medications.


A Portal’s Contribution to Your Company’s Financial Wellness

Health Portal Solutions

Financial wellness is a buzz word often used to describe an individual’s financial health – how well one is earning money and saving it. However, financial wellness is also a key metric for healthcare payers.


Operational automation company Lumeon lands $28M

Mobi Health News

The company will use the new funding to grow its US team and scale its commercial operations.


4th Qtr. Release Notes

Health Portal Solutions

More Hea lth Advocate Programs, Enrollme nt Enhancements, and More! . Featured Enhancement: New Health Advocate Products.

Blockchain: 3 charts highlight today's infrastructure, interest and initial use cases

Mobi Health News

HIMSS Analytics found health facilities more prepared for the distributed ledger tech than many might think, but that doesn’t mean they’re making forward progress just yet


He became a trauma surgeon after surviving his own gunshot wound. Now he's launching a movement


Johns Hopkins Trauma Surgeon Joseph Sakran, M.D., was among firearm safety advocates from the medical community last week calling on Congress to expand universal background checks and federal funding for gun violence research


ONC names winning software for EHR reporting challenge

Healthcare Guys

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced the winners of a new challenge to develop software for identifying and reporting safety and usability issues in EHRs in a way that doesnt disrupt clinical workflow. The winning tools aim to make it easy to report IT issues within the healthcare workflow: giving feedback to developers and guiding the formation of best practices. The hope is to targeting usability challenges before they become major problems.

EHR 48

CVS-Aetna merger hits a snag as federal judge asks DOJ for more information


Until the Department of Justice explains why divesting Aetna's Part D business now is in the public's interest, Richard J. Leon says CVS and Aetna must remain separate


Digital Health Tools Can Pave the Way to Better Patient Outcomes

Healthcare Guys

Valuable apps and data can be the key to improving patient engagement and succeeding in the transition to value-based care. Still struggling to find the value in adopting digital health tools? A new study from Deloitte finds tools like clinical apps and virtual assistants could be an important part of the quest to improve patient engagement which is key to improving health outcomes and succeeding in a value-based care environment.As

Study: Telehealth can cut down in-person visits in the short term. Its long-term benefits remain murky


Telemedicine presents a viable way for providers to cut down on unneeded in-person visits and reach patients in more remote areas, but if these benefits extend in the long term remains in question, according to a new study.

Alert fatigue: Are clinical surveillance tools making it any better?

Healthcare Guys

KLAS sized up 10 vendors and found that the technologies are maturing and improving clinicians workflow. A new KLAS study of 10 vendors who provide clinical surveillance tools, with alerts, found that the technology can save lives, prevent readmissions and improve workflow.That is at least one small piece of welcome news for IT shops and the clinicians they support, who are widely understood to be overrun by medical alerts


Propeller Health acquired by ResMed for $225M


A Wisconsin-based startup that makes digital inhalers has been purchased by medical device giant ResMed for $225 million. ResMed CEO Mick Farrell called the purchase a “significant step for ResMed towards becoming the global leader in digital health for COPD.”

Top Three 2019 Healthcare Cybersecurity Trends

Healthcare Guys

In recent months, the healthcare industry has been the number one target of cyberattacks, exposing tens of millions of customers’ identities around the world, costing more than $1 billion USD in losses. Executives from the National Association of County and City Health Officials say that healthcare breaches can cost up to $400 a patient, and yet, only 33 percent of the industry has taken the preventative measure of protecting themselves properly.

With new legislators and governors, reinsurance programs have a bright future


A new analysis from Georgetown University discusses the many benefits of reinsurance for states, consumers, and insurers, and its authors say fresh faces in Congress and at the state level could expand such programs in 2019


Digital Health Market –

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Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, and Forecast 2018-2026 – Press Release – Digital Journal