Wed.May 22, 2019

Wearables, voice assistants face HIPAA hurdles but remain promising in clinical trials

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This morning MassBio hosted a panel on the use cases for the technology in clinical trials and beyond.


Norwalk Hospital launches telestroke program

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Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut has opened a telestroke program that allows neurologists to remotely consult with emergency medicine clinicians and evaluate patients, diagnose stroke and order treatment. WHY IT MATTERS.


FDA soliciting new volunteers to test drive its experimental Pre-Cert Program

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Companies planning an upcoming De Novo or 510(k) submission for their software medical device are eligible, but participation will not yield precertification


#089: Changing Workplace Habits with Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

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“We really love this new positioning of high tech meets high touch, to truly change health and well-being.” ” ~ Dr. Rajiv Kumar. We’ve all heard the numbers regarding the healthcare spend in the United States.

Building Your Digital Health Ecosystem

With the fragmentation of the pharmacy industry, digitized provider networks can offer a much-needed solution to connectivity, data sharing, collaboration and interoperability between physicians, patients and pharmacies.

Comcast rumored to pilot in-home health monitors before year's end

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The company is in talks with hospitals on how its product could be deployed to prevent readmissions


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Reflexion Health's VERA system lands FDA clearance for trunk, upper extremities

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The platform uses an avatar coach to help patients with physical therapy at home.


8 Key Telehealth Partnerships and What to Expect in 2019

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Retailers, insurance providers, and software companies are fast and furiously forming partnerships in the telehealth space. Explore some of the implications for patients and telemedicine providers and find out what we can expect in 2019.

Health Canada approves Apple Watch ECG, public health groups warn of tobacco's guerrilla social media ads and more digital health news briefs

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Also: HoloLens may affect surgeon's precision dexterity; Backpack Health integrates EHRs

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Serverless Computing: An Introduction


What Enterprise Architects should know. Enterprise Architects won't be surprised to hear that IT ranks as a key enabler of business according to Gartner’s 2019 list of the top trends impacting Infrastructure and Operations.


Telemedicine: Real-Time Trauma and Clinical Care with Global Reach

Today, connecting the patient to the right specialist is largely dependent on the patient’s ability to travel to the physician’s location. The ability to use technology to monitor patients in real-time, share information about their condition and provide treatment remotely, will improve the quality of care and save lives for patients everywhere.

Tyto Care launches on Epic's App Orchard, will integrate with MyChart

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Only a few telemedicine companies have apps on Epic's burgeoning app marketplace

HITAC meeting for the second time

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States getting comfortable with special conditions — Next GENESIS stop: Texas


Redefining Connectivity: Transforming Patient Care and Operations with SD-WAN

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Sponsor: West Networks Primary topic: Network Infrastructure Topic: Clinical Network Infrastructure Telehealth Resource Central: Upcoming Webinars External url: [link] Thumbnail: Body: Disable Auto Tagging: Short Headline: Redefining Connectivity: Transforming Patient Care and Operations with SD-WA

On California’s Big Sur Island, the Cloud Proves Critical to Patient Care

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The disastrous winter of 2016 to 2017 made Big Sur Health Center leaders appreciate just how important having a cloud-based EHR was

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Community Health Centers: Increase Growth through Care Management + Telehealth

Understand the Growth Potential for Community Health Centers through this Easy-To-Use Care Management Guide. This guide covers Billing, Claims Processing and Payment for CCM, BHI and More!

Data overload in digital health

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Every single day there are millions of data points generated by wearables, monitors, lab tests, medical devices, and doctor visits. According to IBM Watson, the amount of medical data is expected to double every 73 days by 2020.

Best Practices in Utilizing Patient-Generated Health Data: Opportunities in Preventive Wellness, Population Health, and Remote Care

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Innovation in Medical Devices and Diagnostics Collecting Objective Data: Analysis of Products Compared to U.S. Healthcare Spend

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Data in healthcare is becoming more prominent, with a growing number of companies focused on data insights as a primary value driver. The post Innovation in Medical Devices and Diagnostics Collecting Objective Data: Analysis of Products Compared to U.S.

13M Americans spent 10% of income on insurance premiums in 2016-17: study


A large portion of the country is spending 10% or more of their household income on insurance costs


Forrester Names Leader in Virtual Health Care Solutions

Forrester Research identified and evaluated the top players in digital health. Read the report to see who stood out—and who needs to catch up.

Spreadsheets for #FHIR Resources

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One of the ubiquitous uses of Excel (or spreadsheets more generally) is for mapping purposes. . To help people with spreadsheet mapping exercises, I’ve published the following files: [link] [link] [link].


Verma: CMS mulling outcomes-based ways to address expensive specialty drugs


As the Trump administration continues to spotlight drug price reform, CMS Administrator Seema Verma said it will be crucial to have more conversations on how to address emerging—and expensive—therapies.


What Do Patients Say About Telemedicine?


Healthcare markets have evolved into competitive environments that mirror other industries. Our patients are. increasingly empowered to act as customers who understand they have choices when it comes to selecting a. clinical provider or facility.

Industry Voices—Want to improve the patient experience? Start by meeting patients where they spend their digital lives


Modern technology has made it possible to radically improve physician-patient interactions. Give patients the option to choose, and they will find the best tools for their unique mix of health issues, privacy concerns, and personal preferences

Post-Live Training: Converting Face-to-Face Content to eLearning

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Converting face-to-face content to eLearning should be among your training strategy considerations for post-live EHR training. The post Post-Live Training: Converting Face-to-Face Content to eLearning appeared first on Optimum Healthcare IT.

CISOs need to unleash the power of storytelling to make cybersecurity real to boards, leadership: report


Despite the well-known cyberthreats facing healthcare organizations, communicating these risks to senior leaders and boards can be challenging.

Celebrate National Nurses Week 2019 with a Renewed Focus on Training and Continuing Education


As we celebrate Nurses Week 2019, take a look at the facility’s training and continuing education platforms to see what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing to help nurses and all caregivers do their best work

Legal challenges filed to Trump’s ‘conscience’ rule that allows health workers to refuse care for religious reasons


Two lawsuits were filed Tuesday suing the Trump administration to overturn a conscience rights rule that protects healthcare workers who object to procedures such as abortion because of religious or moral reasons


When Poor Management is the Reason a Healthcare Employee Leaves


To have an impact on healthcare turnover, organizations should ensure that their managers are doing a good job and treating their direct reports fairly. In many cases, it’s true that people don’t leave companies as often as they leave managers


Industry Voices—Why we need to create an Office for Men’s Health


The establishment of the Office of Women’s Health (OWH) in 1991 was a watershed moment that resulted in much-needed advances in our nation’s approach to women’s health research, awareness, education, and care.


Becoming Perficient: From 100 to 3,500 Teammates, Opportunity Abounds


“Becoming Perficient.” That phrase has made its way into a lot of conversations in hallways and IM chats around our offices over the past 10 days. Learning that your company – a company that you are excited and proud to be a part of – has been acquired is a big deal.

AMGA finds physician groups increase reliance on risk-based revenues; obstacles persist in move to value


Physician groups are moving, albeit slowly, to value-based payment, but there are still many obstacles standing in their way.


Recording Physician Encounters for Patient Safety

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