Sun.May 17, 2020

As COVID-19 Rocks Markets, Digital Health Start-Ups Rake In Cash

Lloyd Price

As the stock market experiences a collective shudder in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, investors are actively seeking out new opportunities for healthy long-term gains and higher upside potential.

Brain-computer interface industry gathers pace, directly connecting machines and minds

Lloyd Price

On the 10th Floor of a nondescript building at Columbia University, test subjects with electrodes attached to their heads watch a driver’s view of a car going down a street through a virtual reality headset.

A Psychologist Explains Why Everyone is Suddenly On TikTok

Lloyd Price

As countries around the world bring down the shutters on their citizens’ movements, going out just to grab a drink with your gang becomes a crime, and we collectively move towards the point where we’re one bad Netflix recommendation away from smashing our laptops, lockdowns are leaving us really, really bored.