Health providers rediscover the hidden asset of telemedicine for care management

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Recently, millions of patients have realised how their health is dependent on access to a healthcare facility infrastructure. It became clear that continuity of care for large patient cohorts required reliable communication channels and decision-support systems.

GlobalMed and Answers Media Network Host Webinar on Urgent Need for Telemedicine


Some patients travel hours for a 15-minute appointment,” said GlobalMed founder and CEO Joel E. But telemedicine reduces healthcare costs and brings medical expertise to patients who would normally go without treatment. Why Millennial and Generation Z patients are disrupting existing care delivery models and demanding virtual care. The webinar is partially based on GlobalMed’s new eBook titled, Why Telemedicine, Why Now?

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20/20 Vision: 9 Trends at the Heart of Tomorrow’s Healthcare

Team HGS

From an in-control consumer to digital experience and telemedicine, healthcare delivery continues to stretch the limits of what we thought possible. For these trends in full, visit our ebook : Care and Wellness Delivery. Trend 4: More providers will turn to point-of-service (POS) collections to improve patient satisfaction and keep costs down. Trend 5: Both payers and providers will move faster toward a more engaged member/patient experience. .

Why Provider Networks Are Going Virtual


So often experience and cynicism have trained us to think of healthcare as a zero-sum game, where expanded market offerings for some patients drive up insurance premiums for others, or a payer’s cost savings program increases the documentation burden on providers. A patient with a painful mobility issue such as Parkinson’s disease can virtually see a rheumatologist from his PCP’s office instead of a cumbersome visit to a distant clinic. And the patients?