Life insurer embraces diabetes tech

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Why kidney care depends on health data — Warner dings HHS on privacy

Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Need More Support To Achieve Goals

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For years, qualitative studies looking into the inherent challenges of achieving diabetes management goals have focused on children and adolescents. Until recently, the group that makes up the largest percentage of those living with type 1 diabetes — adults — has been largely ignored. Why is it that the cohort of diabetics once thought to be the least at risk for suffering from poor control are doing just that? .

The T1 Tech Roundup

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Insulin Nation strives to keep you up to date on the latest news on diabetes gear. Telcare has unveiled a prototype of something it’s billing as a “Total Diabetes Management” solution, but it’s a bit unclear what it is. Asante, the makers of the Snap pump, have announced they are moving ahead with a venture to make their diabetes data more accessible. to wirelessly send BG data to your Apple i-product of choice. Next Up, a Diabetes Breath Mint?