Consumers Expand Their Definition of Well-Being to Include Food-As-Medicine

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The report’s insights are based on surveys FMI has conducted over the past two years, as the Foundation has observed that consumers broadening their definition of health to include emotional health, energy levels, and sleep quality.

Digital Therapeutics Alliance releases definition, best practices for burgeoning space

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The definition is broad, but an accompanying whitepaper attempts to pin down the category's place in the industry


HIStalk Interviews Jason Krantz, CEO, Definitive Healthcare

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Jason Krantz, MBA is founder and CEO of Definitive Healthcare of Framingham, MA. Definitive Healthcare was started in 2011. Why did HIMSS sell its HIMSS Analytics business and how did Definitive Healthcare end up acquiring it? The match with Definitive is about being a good shepherd of that data. We launched the Definitive Cares program about two years ago, where we have 100 percent of our employees doing a community service project throughout the year.

Definitive Healthcare Acquires HIMSS Analytics’ Data Services

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Definitive Healthcare, a data analytics and business intelligence company, has acquired the data services business and assets of HIMSS Analytics, the organizations announced today


79 Percent of Healthcare Leaders See ROI in Clinical Surveillance; Four in Five Say It Definitely Improves Quality Measures

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The article 79 Percent of Healthcare Leaders See ROI in Clinical Surveillance; Four in Five Say It Definitely Improves Quality Measures appeared first on This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.


Definitive Guide To Purchasing a Telemedicine Platform [White Paper]


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Survey: More workplaces are expanding definition of wellness programs


The new survey from the National Business Group on Health and Fidelity shows well-being and financial health top employers' lists


Healthcare Roundup—HHS looking to narrow definition of gender; USC agrees to $240M settlement


Health and Human Services is seeking to create a legal definition of gender; the University of Southern California reaches a settlement with women who accused a former student health center gynecologist of sexual assault and more healthcare headlines


Bridget Writes: The sickness created by D

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Well from the last few weeks I can most definitely tell you what the highs and lows do to your body. Thursday, September 29, 2011. The sickness created by D. Have you ever sat and wondered what it was like to live with Diabetes? I mean really live with it, the highs and lows.


Bridget Writes: Nightmare

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Definitely not a dream I want to be having, well call it more of a nightmare. Wednesday, April 27, 2011. Nightmare. Ever have a dream you could not wake up fast enough from. Well that was my morning dream. I went back to sleep this morning only to have a dream that we had lost Cliffy.


Managing Digital Health Regulatory Uncertainty

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Thus if a product meets the definition of an MDDS it is a duck, and cannot claim to be something else because all that's being done is automated record keeping. Currently available smartphones, by themselves, do not meet the definition of a medical device.

Physicians Don’t Talk Enough with Patients About Non-Medical Needs

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” The latter is consistent with the World Health Organization’s definition of health : “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Self-Care Is Healthcare In Consumers’ Hands, Peaking on Google Trends

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As I dug in deeper to these intentions via Google searches on self-care, I found a broad range of queries covering peoples’ uniquely personal definitions of “health.”

The surprising way email can make you a better doctor


Office visits offer definitive evidence that patients need to change. Doctors, you need to improve the patient experience. Your intentions are there, but patients are starving for more. Tests results provide real data to make patients aware of health concerns.

Health IT Roundup—Hill-Rom to acquire mobile communications company Voalte for $180M


Hill-Rom Holdings has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Voalte for $180 million, the average cost of cybercrime for the healthcare industry dropped 8% to $11.8

How to Start TOGAF With an Enterprise Architecture Tool


But with TOGAF’s evolving library of definitions and symbology comes the unavoidable struggle to implement its powerful framework in an agile way. Building your dream architecture in the digitalized, agile world.


Telemedicine Is Gaining Popularity In Schools


The school nurse has a cart with a high definition screen and digitally connected scopes which allow doctors to evaluate these children from a far. Today there is a rising number of children in the US affected by asthma and diabetes.

How Emergency Medical Services Are Advancing And Why That’s Important

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This rule ensures that patients are brought to a definitive care facility within an hour of rescue and, thanks to the expertise of the paramedics on board and the pilots themselves, this goal is met more often than not.

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How Can Hospital Culture Drive Improved Patient Care?

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Quantitative numbers are useful indicators of a good hospital, but they are not the sole definition of success. What makes a hospital great? Each year, a variety of industry lists designate which hospitals are ‘the best,’ including U.S.

Spectrum Health System plans acquisition of Lakeland Health


Officials said they intend to pursue a definitive agreement and due diligence over the next few months with an agreement expected to be finalized by Oct.


Consumers’ Trust In Health And Personal Care Stores: The Growing Retail Health Ecosystem

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These industries now understand that they are important touchpoints into consumers’ very personal definitions of what constitutes health and wellness: holistic living, social connections, good food and good times, and financial wellness.

Free Webinar: Telehealth 101! Register today!

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This one-hour, interactive presentation will help you: • Define basic definitions. Join us on February 13 at noon CST. Register Here! Every month on the Second Tuesday at noon, the South Central Telehealth Resource Center offers Telehealth 101 – The Easy Basics of Telehealth and Telemedicine.

FDA on Software That Isn’t a Medical Device

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EHR’s have, rightly or not, long been excluded from FDA’s interest, which is not to say that they don't do anything that falls within the definition of a medical device, or that they can't be dangerous.

ONC Finds Possible Merit in FDA Pre-Cert

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One might think that an EHR also meets the definition of a medical device, but this notion was resolved by the 21 st Century Cures Act of 2010 which expressly declared that software that is intended to serve as an electronic patient record is excluded from the FDA’s portfolio.

EHR 195

OneStream – My High-Level Perspective


The programming language and syntax for member selection or consolidation rules in OneStream is very different from Oracle EPM products and definitely a learning curve. I recently got my hands on OneStream software.


The Difference Between Telehealth and Telemedicine

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There are no universal definitions for the terms “telehealth” and “telemedicine,” which makes it impossible to differentiate them entirely from one another. Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA) identifies telehealth’s definition as broader in scope than that of telemedicine, covering remote healthcare services that are both clinical and non-clinical. Can you think of another word with 104 unique definitions?

Deep Human Interactions: The Antidote To More AI In Health Care – Learning From Philips’ CEO At HIMSS19

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billion on R&D, using the lens of the Quadruple Aim to measure innovation by that definition. “The promise of AI is undeniable…could AI help clinicians deliver better and more humanistic care?”

FDA to Divide Cybersecurity Risk Into Two Tiers

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A curiosity here is that this definition seems to exclude non-electronic devices that inherently have no cybersecurity issues.


What is caregiving technology, anyway?

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Parks Associates provided 6 broad categories and examples in the 2016 Caregiving Innovation Frontiers report – the broadest categorization and definition of ‘care and caregiving.’ A term that means what you want it to mean. Search for the term ‘caregiving technology’.


Whats E-Health And How Its Reshaping The Medical Sector

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Let’s try to understand with the help of different definitions provided by esteemed organizations In the ear where everything is going digitized the healthcare industry is also experiencing e-health with a wide range of activities, scope, and approaches. This is all about exploiting the information and communication technologies in the clinical domain.Considering the mass adoption of the internet and mobile, more and more people are becoming health conscious.


Making waves

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You can still sort of see the concentric circles on the right, but the other people are definitely having an impact. I’ll do a separate post on that soon, but there’s definitely a way for us to architect these events for ourselves, for other people, and for companies.


Telehealth 101 Available Online and On Site

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This interactive 1-hour session helps participants: • Understand basic definitions. The South Central Telehealth Resource Center offers Telehealth 101: The Easy Basics of Telehealth and Telemedicine online and on site.

What #CES2019 5 Tech Trends to Watch Mean for Health/Care

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The former can be thought of as software-as-medicine, and the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (yes, there’s now an industry association for the field) illustrates their broad definition of the concept in the diagram here.

New Infographic: Risks of HIPAA Business Associate Relationships

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One of the most notable impacts of the 2013 Omnibus HIPAA rule was the expanded definition of business associates; since then individuals and entities that qualify are subject to the same hefty penalties as covered entities.


Going Digital for Health Is a New-Normal for Consumers

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One in five seniors is monitoring health issues via technologies, which include by definition websites, mobile apps, digital assistants, personal medical devices, or fitness monitors. Using digital health tech is a new normal for U.S.

Be Thankful by Engaging With Grace and Talking About Your End-of-Life Wishes With Loved Ones

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Remember Merriam-Webster’s definition of the noun and holiday we celebrate in America ever fourth Thursday of November, every year. “Thanksgiving.” Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the word, first, as “the act of giving thanks.” Second, it’s “a prayer of expressing gratitude.”

FDA Busy With Software

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That act removed certain types of medically related software from the definition of a medical device, and correspondingly removed them from FDA regulation even if the FDA wasn't actually regulating them.

My Introduction to Telehealth at the 2019 TRC Spring Meeting

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Walking into any large group for the first time can be intimidating as well as exciting – different faces, different personalities, different ideas. And as time goes on, you start to see the deep connections between the group… you start to see where you might have a hopeful future in this group.

Risks never sleep – Be a Risk Keeper


The severity is definitely high and can be rated as 3. Since the probability of the severity is definitely certain, it can be assessed as 4. Nothing is too low for a bear. A bear doesn’t probably love to chase and hunt their prey.


How Patient Portals Are Failing Healthcare — And Our Patients

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By definition, a new communications model that gives patients the front row privilege of taking greater charge of their own healthcare may seem to physicians and hospitals as a move into a back row. Healthcare consumers range from tech-savvy millennials accustomed to quick click-throughs to straight answers — to patients with little confidence or competence in computing tools.