Medicare Members Are Health Consumers, Too – Our AHIP Talk About Aging, Digital Immigrants, and Personalizing Health/Care

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That program has the potential to change our Medicare members manage meds at home to ensure better adherence, supporting better health outcomes and personal feelings of efficacy and control. [As

CMS to Host Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference

Healthcare Informatics

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will host the first Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference at the General Services Administration national headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Monday, Aug. 13, 2018

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Let’s Connect! What I’m looking forward to most at the Connected Health Conference in Boston

Digital Health Today

This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (October 16-18) I will be in Boston covering the Connected Health Conference (a HIMSS event) for Digital Health Today. Above all, I'm looking forward to meeting other members of our Digital Health Today community at the conference!

Insurers point to Medicare Advantage as they boast about growth


Morgan Healthcare Conference this week: the boost from Medicare Advantage A common theme among insurers speaking at the J.P.

Consumer-facing Medicare plan tools are inaccessible and inaccurate, experts say


Medicare Plan Finder frustrates many seniors, and there's a lot of confusion over what star ratings mean, said multiple speakers at AHIP's National Conference on Medicare

Painful Medicare Journey to get GGM/Pump Coverage

Insulin Nation

I quickly realized my primary care doctor was not very knowledgeable of T1D and despite the often-disliked Medicare insurance I had, I was fortunate to find an endocrinologist who had studied at the world-renowned T1D Barbara Davis Center in Denver.

Senate Hears Testimony for Medicare CGM Coverage

Insulin Nation

Despite the committee’s title, much of the testimony came from young people affected by Type 1 diabetes as part of a lobbying effort to get Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). Two months later, a Medicare appeals council reversed the judge. The U.S.

Health/Care Everywhere – Re-Imagining Healthcare at ATA 2019

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Ann and I encountered each other at European health conferences, “the two American healthcare girls” in the European space. “ATA” is the new three-letter acronym for the American Telemedicine Association, meeting today through Tuesday at the Convention Center in New Orleans.

The Emerging Trends in Connected Health from 2018

The cHealth Blog

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is on board! Dr. Cynthia Breazeal at the Connected Health Conference 2018 – Photo courtesy of Christopher Huang. As the year comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on where we are in the connected health adoption journey.

The Next Fountain of Youth? Rethinking Connected Health for Our Aging Population

The cHealth Blog

We continue to hit our editorial milestones for an end of October launch at the Connected Health Conference , and as I’m reading the manuscript for the final time before sending it to the printer, I’m re-learning some important lessons–and enjoying the content!

Blockchain in Healthcare: A Vehicle Towards Digital Health 2.0?

The Digital Health Corner

It was interesting that at the 2017 HIMSS Conference on IT Privacy and Security, blockchain was brought up by an audience participant and was met with “This is too far in the future to discuss now” by the moderator. I would like to apologize to the readers of this site for the long hiatus. I have been spending time as cardiologist, consultant, and caregiver for a seriously ill family member. My goal is to continue writing as it is something I truly love to do.

CMS At AHIMA: Electronic Data Exchange Is the Future of Healthcare

Electronic Health Reporter

Access to data and the interoperability of health information has the power to change the face of healthcare, according to Alexandra Mugge, deputy chief health informatics officer at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Addressing leaders in health information management (HIM) at the AHIMA19: Health Data and Information Conference, the American Health Information […]. This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.

Marketing Health To Consumers in the Age of Retail Disruption

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This is CHPA’s 2019 Marketing Conference being held at the lovely historic Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, DE. Today, I am speaking with marketing leaders who are members of CHPA, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association on this very topic.

ATA CEO: 'Technology can be used to reimagine experiences'

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

During the opening keynote of the 2020 American Telemedicine Association conference, ATA CEO Ann Mond Johnson pointed to the transformative effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on telehealth.

Australia’s PrimaryClinic and HealthEngine introduce measures to tackle COVID-19

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Australian GPs using the PrimaryClinic practice management software by software provider Global Health can conduct remote video conference consultations with patients showing symptoms for COVID-19, the company recently announced.

Telehealth In 2030 – Notes From the Future At #ATA19 with Safavi, Holt, Bathina and Swafford

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This week convened the ATA annual conference where healthcare industry stakeholders met up to deal with the current telehealth environment and imagine what the future prospects would/could be. What will telemedicine look like in 2030?

Spring 2019: Healthcare Updates to Know

Advanced Medical Reviews

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services has posted new data on projected national health expenditures for 2018-2027. In addition, higher fee-for-service payment updates are expected to result in faster Medicare spending growth.

Healthcare Is Local: Channeling Tip O’Neill in the 2018 Midterm Election Results

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Doggett has been drafting legislation to allow the government such authority for drugs covered by Medicare Part D. In her post-midterm election public remarks this morning at a press conference, Nancy Pelosi referred to Tip O’Neill’s “all politics is local” creed.

Why Therapists Should Use HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Platforms During COVID-19


The lifting of penalties for non-HIPAA compliant telehealth platforms currently only apply to telehealth sessions covered by Medicare and other federal healthcare programs overseen by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


How one physician practice was transformed by EHR-embedded telehealth

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

“The athenaTelehealth solution met the challenge we were facing by allowing us to initiate video conference calls with our patients to continue treatment and care,” Miller stated.

EHR 165

Dispatches from the Frontlines: Connected Health and COVID-19


In just a few short months, we made more progress in opening up Medicare and Medicaid to telehealth visits, remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools, and other connected health solutions than in the previous decade.

The Evolution of Self-Care for Consumers – Learning and Sharing at CHPA

Health Populi

The annual conference of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) convened this week, and I was grateful to attend and speak on the evolving retail health landscape yesterday. Then Gary looked forward at the evolution of self-care – the theme of this year’s annual conference.

Bringing Telehealth to the Rehabilitation Industry

Advanced Medical Reviews

As we prepare for the annual Insurance Rehabilitation Synergy Group (IRSG) conference , we’re highlighting how this growing practice is being implemented in various fields in rehabilitation. Telehealth treatments in regards to physical therapy are currently not covered by Medicare.

COVID-19 and Telehealth Regulations in the States

American Well

Even as healthcare providers scramble to implement new federal guidelines including broader access to telehealth for Medicare beneficiaries , they also find themselves navigating a patchwork of new telehealth measures at the state level.

Add Behavioral Data to Social Determinants For Better Patient Understanding

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To optimize communication strategies for attracting Medicare Advantage enrollment , a Mid-Atlantic health plan studied the media and social consumption patterns for older people, learning that the target population was more tech-savvy than presumed.

Tweets at Lunch with Paul Krugman – Health IT Meets Economics

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I greatly appreciated the opportunity today to attend a luncheon at the HX360 meeting which convened as part of the 2018 HIMSS Conference.

Self-Care is Healthcare for Everyday People

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I find all of these, and more, at the Health-Beauty-Wellness Conference convened by GMDC in Orlando this week through the weekend. Note the new alliance between Walmart and Anthem to channel OTC meds to Medicare Advantage members).

Three Trends Shaping the Future of Telehealth

Advanced Medical Reviews

In a recent report to Congress, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ( CMS) stated that telehealth laws limit the service as a healthcare option. Currently, Medicare only pays for telehealth services if an enrollee is in a rural area that has a shortage of healthcare professionals.

Payer, provider trends to watch in 2019

Henry Kotula

News Healthcare of Tomorrow conference , said economists don’t believe price transparency has a noteworthy impact on cost and efficiency. Medicare Advantage still lucrative, popular. [link].

Five technology and health blogs from March 2020

Aging in Place Technology Watch

But the interest and use of telehealth in senior living has been accelerating since April 2019, when Medicare Advantage plans began covering it. And further, when senior living companies were enabled to provide their own Medicare advantage plans , that piqued more interest in telehealth.

Essential Telemedicine Terms Clinicians Should Know

Enzyme Health

The ATA hosts an annual telehealth conference each year and provides educational resources on its website. CMS : Stands for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Applying for telemedicine jobs and want to stand out? Just getting started in the field?

American Well to preview TV-based telemedicine for the home at HIMSS20

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

" Not to mention, he added, that increasing reimbursement developments as part of both Medicare and the CHRONIC Care Act are increasingly favorable to innovative technological developments.

A startup with a cause – championing the individual in navigating health care

Digital Health Today

Conference in Santa Clara, CA, I had the pleasure of having coffee with Kash Kapadia, Founder and CEO of Anchor Health. Per the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimates, households will be paying approximately $1T directly out of pocket by 2025.

The Role of Case Management in Healthcare


By using dedicated managers to handle 750 different Medicare beneficiaries, this payer-provider union reduced readmisssions by 56 percent compared to Medicare-covered individuals in Maine who weren’t receiving any specific attention of this variety.

Why Alexa’s bedside manner is bad for health care

Lloyd Price

And, as of 2018, Medicare announced it would allow such digital monitoring tools to “qualify for reimbursement,” if they are “clinically endorsed.” Amazon has opened a new health care frontier: Now Alexa can be used to transmit patient data.

CMMI's Adam Boehler: 'Now is the time' to bring post-acute care bundle ideas


The Trump administration is interested in the concept of creating post-acute care bundles, the head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' innovation arm told an audience at the American Hospital Association conference on Monday

What’s on Dexcom’s Radar?

Insulin Nation

On August 2nd, 2016, Dexcom held a conference call to present its quarterly financial report. If so, this would lead to Medicare-contracted insurance plans covering the cost of CGMs as reimbursable durable medical equipment.

Aging and Technology: An Intimate Discussion with Thought Leaders

The cHealth Blog

When Ray Dorsey first brought me into the fold as a member of their advisory board, he said to me, “The ‘d’ is for disrupt, not digital,” which, in my opinion, best describes why this is a must-attend conference for anyone in or interested in the field.

With the Silver Tsunami on its way, telehealth is ready for its moment

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Browse the education sessions scheduled for the American Telemedicine Association's annual conference and expo in New Orleans next month, and you'll notice that many of them are geared toward elderly patients, home-based care and aging in place.

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Bringing Digital Health to Those Who Need It Most

Chilmark Research

Between my current life as an analyst and my former life as a journalist, I’ve sat in a lot of keynote addresses, conference sessions, and presentations touting the latest and greatest consumer healthcare products.