Art As Medicine – WHO Weaves the Evidence for Arts’ Role in Improving Health

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“What’s the evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being?” ” asks a report from the World Health Organization ‘s Europe region team (WHO-Europe). The report provides case studies in each of the thematic areas listed in Figure 2.

How Telemedicine Psychiatry Addresses Mental Health Access Issues

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Telemedicine psychiatry, also called telepsychiatry, is helping patients across the country gain access to mental healthcare services. Using telepsychiatry , the health system has been able to: Reduce follow-up no show rates by 50%.

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Medical Connectivity

Provider-Innovator Co-Commercialization Delivering Results in Mental Health. Chief Medical Officer and Emergency Physician, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, Dartmouth – Hitchcock Health. Overcoming Challenges with Communication, Workflow and Throughput: a Case Study.

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Telehealth in Rural Areas: How Health Systems Deliver Better Access to Care

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To address these healthcare access issues, health systems across the country are implementing telehealth in rural areas to give patients better access to high-quality care. To read more about UVA Health System’s rural telehealth programs, read the case study here.

The Benefits of Telebehavioral Health

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Discover the Benefits of Implementing a Telebehavioral Health Program. InTouch Health recently expanded their partnership with a non-profit health system that principally serves California, Arizona, and Nevada. The health system started their telehealth program by offering telestroke services to a single hospital, but they soon expanded their telemedicine operations to include 39 healthcare facilities throughout the Southwest U.S., Why Telebehavioral Health?