In Health Tech, Beware of Getting Exactly What You Want

Healthcare IT Today

Last night, I watched a video about the rise and fall of disgraced biotech startup Theranos, which claimed to have invented technology that would dramatically change clinical blood testing worked.

Healthcare Companies Struggle With Implementing Digital Transformation

Healthcare IT Today

New research has found that healthcare organizations around the world have big plans for digital transformation but often stumble when it comes to implementing this process.

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Don’t Blink: Healthcare Orgs Using AI, Data Analytics To Speed Up Digital Transformation

Healthcare IT Today

In fact AI, in particular, should revolutionize the nature of work in one in three health systems within a few years, […].

5 Digital Health Predictions for 2018 by Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price

App Orchard, for its part, lets developers use a FHIR-based API to access an Epic development sandbox. This will allow the developers to address issues in connecting their apps to the Epic EMR.