Telehealth Awareness, Access and Adoption: Updates from J.D. Power, the ATA and FAIR Health

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Power,” your mind probably imagines reviews of automotive performance, retail shopping experiences, or perhaps even health insurance plan customer service. Those who had a telehealth encounter more likely lived in the Western U.S., With the patient-as-payer in the current U.S.

Digital Transformation Is The New Mantra But Can’t Happen Without Access To Connectivity

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Here’s a legend for understanding the “wheel of well-being” diagram: this shows relative performance in terms of key opportunities and risks in the context of digital transformation based on OECD’s analysis.

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Hospitals Work to Address Customer Experience Gap With Consumers, Kaufman Hall Finds

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Hospital and healthcare providers are getting real about improving patient and health consumer experience, the latest Kaufman Hall research finds. Plans and roll-outs are in progress for facility way finding support, reducing office wait times, and real-time patient feedback loops.

5G is here: how health systems can capitalize on the new cellular standard

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5G will eventually change how healthcare workers and patients interact with the data created throughout the patient's journey. When you see the results, you can appreciate what this will mean for areas such as telehealth and patient monitoring within the 5G+ footprint.

Highlighting Eight Technologies from the 2019 Market Overview

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Through the use of wearables and near real-time data and analytics, Reemo connects wearers and families, while helping caregivers and healthcare organizations improve patient experiences and outcomes. The new trend – tech/services for older adults, not just tech.

Using Cloud to Solve Healthcare Pain Points


With the healthcare industry having to quickly jump on the cloud bandwagon with telehealth recently, it is becoming apparent that a new norm is (in my millennial opinion, finally) emerging. This is the second post in a series on Google healthcare capabilities.


2018 Year in Review: The Year’s Biggest Remote Care News & Developments

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2018 was a historic year for telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM), as a series of developments played out that helped extend these important care delivery services to more patients than ever before. As government agencies like the CMS and VA expanded access to telehealth towards the goal of extending care into rural areas, industry leaders like Care Innovations® announced a series of breakthroughs with exciting implications for the years to come.

Fresenius Connected Health: Improving Patient Care Through New Technology

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Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) is adopting and supporting new Connected Health technologies that empower patients to monitor, collect, and share health and treatment data with their physicians and care providers. Comprehensive patient care.

Telemedicine Today: April 2016

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Telemedicine is bringing patients new hope. Dr. Sandra Mattos, a pediatric cardiologist, is leveraging the power of telehealth to help thousands of babies. Mattos is practicing telemedicine, which allows doctors like her to diagnose and treat patients at a distance. According to a Willis Towers Watson analysis, telemedicine has the potential to lower health care costs for U.S. Welcome to the April 2016 edition of Avizia’s Telemedicine Today newsletter!