Wasted: $1 of Every $4 Spent on Health Care In America

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health care system, calculating that 25% of medical spending in America is wasted. economy is wasted spending by the health care system and its stakeholders. In “Waste in the US Health Care System,” a team from Humana and the Univrsity of Pittsburgh recalibrated the previous finding of 30% of wasted spending to the 25%, which equates to a waste-range of $760 bn to $935 bn. health care. health care system mightily. health care.

Medical costs projected to increase 6% by 2020, says PwC

Henry Kotula

After figuring in health plan changes such as increased employee cost sharing and network and benefit changes, PwC’s Health Research Institute, which conducted the study, projects a net growth rate of 5 percent. Utilization is still being dampened by high deductibles and other cost sharing, but at the expense of employee satisfaction with their health plan. Nearly 75 percent of employers offer mental health disease management programs, the report found. [link].