The $4 Trillion Health Economy of 2020

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Three factors will drive healthcare costs to 2026: prices for medical goods and services, changes in income growth, and shifting enrollment from private health insurance to Medicare — driven by the aging of Boomers. trillion in 2026 when healthcare spending will be $1 in every $5 in the American economy (approaching 20%). growth rates, reflected in today’s CMS forecast, we face personal health care price inflation that will exceed general price inflation in the U.S.

6 Ways to Drive Higher Medicaid Reimbursement with Telemedicine


It’s no wonder many healthcare professionals view Medicaid care plans as a cycle of lost income, missed treatment and wasted time. When providers avoid treating Medicaid patients on a large scale, the medical industry is effectively assigning care based on income and social class. That number will rise to 82 million by 2026. Remote monitoring can increase medication and care plan adherence or alert providers of a spike in blood pressure or other need for intervention.

“Pathways to Success,” an Overhaul of Medicare’s ACO Program

Today the Trump Administration announced our overhaul of the program for Accountable Care Organizations, or “ACOs,” in Medicare. million individuals in Fee-for-Service Medicare (of the 38 million total Fee-for-Service beneficiaries) receive care from providers participating in a Medicare ACO. Therefore, it is incumbent on our agency to not just pay for healthcare services as they are billed but rather to ensure that patients are getting value for the care that is provided.