Focus on patient experience: If the patient is a consumer, patient experience is paramount

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In May, MobiHealthNews and our sister publications will look at patient experience, and especially the tech that makes it tick

Balancing technology, personal touch in patient experience

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Yesterday at The Atlantic's Pulse summit, providers discussed the balancing act of engaging patients through digital tools without losing their personal, human touch.


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Imperfect solutions: How health tech has harmed patient experience

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Not all implementations have been smooth sailing for those seeking care

Technologies Providing A Greater Patient Experience

Electronic Health Reporter

Whether you work in a hospital, dentist, doctor or dermatologist’s office, providing your patients with a positive experience should be a priority. The article Technologies Providing A Greater Patient Experience appeared first on Editorial Electronic patient forms Healthcare management tools Online appointment setting and reminders telemedicineThis article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter.

How Digital Technologies Will Transform the Patient Experience

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trillion, and as part of this spend, healthcare providers are looking to digitally transform by innovating legacy processes and driving better patient experiences. The article How Digital Technologies Will Transform the Patient Experience appeared first on Editorial AI in healthcare Avaya Jean Turgeon patient-physician matchingThis article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited.

How healthcare systems are preparing for innovation with patient experience front and center

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Provider organizations have missed the mark with patient experience in the past, but involving patient voices on panels and "listening tours" may be key to improving in the future.

NexHealth's raises $4.2M for its 'Patient Experience Management Platform'

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The company's tool serves as a patient-facing tool for online booking, two-way messaging, automated recalls and reminders and more

Does Patient Experience Transformation Depend on Digital Transformation? – #HITsm Chat Topic

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This week’s chat will be hosted by Richard Corder (@RichardCorder) from @t1healthcare on the topic “Does Patient Experience Transformation Depend on Digital Transformation?” HITsm C-Suite Leadership Healthcare IT #HITsm Topics Digital Transformation Health IT Community Healthcare Leadership Patient Experience Richard Corder TiER1 Performance

Proactive voice interfaces enhance patient experience

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Primary topic: Patient Engagement Disable Auto Tagging: Short Headline: Proactive voice interfaces enhance patient experience Featured Decision Content: Region Tag: Global Edition

Value-based care and rethinking the patient experience

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From his experience working in the Philippines, Mr. Christian Besler, Chief Digital Officer, Ayala Healthcare, said that what value-based care means to him is three-fold: bringing about affordability, accessibility and quality of healthcare to the masses, especially in a country where good quality healthcare tends to be concentrated in urban areas. Rethinking the patient experience. In short, how can patients be empowered to have ownership of their care?

Survey: Improving Patient Experiences a Top Priority for HIT Leaders in 2019

hea!thcare innovation - Clinical IT

Health IT leaders rate updating technology to improve the patient experience as their top objective for 2019, according to the seventh annual Health IT Industry Outlook Survey conducted by Stoltenberg Consulting Inc.For this year’s survey, more

IT leaders prioritizing patient experience, value-based care in 2019, survey finds


Ramping up value-based care initiatives and improving the patient experience are top priorities for health IT leaders in 2019. At the same time, IT executives say they are facing significant technology and operational hurdles to advance these initiatives such as the ongoing lack of system interoperability

Health/Care Everywhere – Re-Imagining Healthcare at ATA 2019

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Finally, consumer-patient pressures are playing a positive role in telehealth adoption. As patients have morphed into consumers, now major payors of healthcare, people seek more enchanting, accessible, design-ful experiences as they do in retail. It is time for me to share this message, which plots the patient-as-payor and health consumer. Whether we like the mantle of “consumer” in healthcare or not, it is what it is: the patient is the payor.

FHIR 191

Patient experience is evolving as providers embrace telehealth

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While face-to-face visits are still preferred by many, 90% of healthcare organizations polled by HIMSS Media say they're using or piloting remote care services to boost care coordination, manage at-risk patients and broaden pop health efforts

Tennessee hospital enhances patient experience with collaboration platform

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The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s cath lab uses secure clinical communication technology to cut follow-up appointment scheduling wait times – from as long as a day to less than 30 minutes

Salesforce Delivers Health Cloud Innovations to Personalize Patient Experiences, Improve Outcomes

Electronic Health Reporter

Salesforce announces new additions to Salesforce Health Cloud that improve healthcare through connected, intelligent patient engagement. Health Cloud brings CRM to healthcare, enabling providers like Piedmont Healthcare and 180 Health Partners to personalize patient interactions and improve outcomes. With new social determinants of health capabilities, care teams have a complete patient profile, empowering them to […].

It’s Not All About Pink for Women’s Tech at CES 2019

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So welcome the Versa, one of many women-targeted health tools featured at CES 2019 that are getting real and impactful about women, tech and health. On a joyful note, Spade’s upbeat design sense lives on in 2019, featuring some adorable watches that track activity. In 2019, the company launches Ava tracker 2.0. Mom-generated data flows to a HIPAA-compliant platform which informs OB/GYNs about their patients’ progress. This is not a watch.

Uber Health powers Grand Rounds, Carisk Partners' transportation; Wellpepper, eVideon offer joint patient experience product; and more digital health deals

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Also: Optima Health adopts Cardinal Analytx's AI insight platform; Canopy Health launches patient app powered by Anexinent

Improving the Patient Experience With Content


Patient experience is a key measure of overall healthcare quality. It commands equal attention alongside clinical outcomes, patient safety, and efficiency and cost reduction measures. Patient education is a significant component of the patient experience. So we need to give patients what they want. Successful patient outcomes—not to mention reimbursement and reputation—depend on fulfilling these objectives. Why Patient Experience Matters.

Prelude to Health 2.0 2019: Thinking Consumers At the Center of Digital Health Transformation

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Conference kicks off this week, I’m focused on finding digital health innovations that engage people — consumers, caregivers, patients, health citizens all. 2019 will feature examples of all of these technologies and services. I’m also especially keen, from the patient privacy perspective, to hear my close colleagues Deven McGraw and Vince Kuraitis explain the “Health Data Goldilocks Dilemma: Sharing?

Reducing costs, improving patient experience top of mind for health system leaders: survey


Healthcare executives identified declining reimbursement, the patient experience, maintaining and upgrading IT, and cybersecurity as the top challenges their facing health systems in 2019

IT DevOps Solutions to Improve the Physician and Patient Experience

Healthcare IT Today

Not only is it impacting physicians, but that has a trickle down effect on patient experience as well. That’s why we see so much focus on how to improve the physician experience. We all know that Physician Burnout is a big problem in healthcare. While I’ve seen a lot of great efforts, I’m quickly realizing […].

HIMSS 2019: The Mainstreaming of Health IT, from Jim Cramer to Opioid Risk Scores

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On January 10, 2019, Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money recommended that Apple buy Epic, a market leader in EHRs. I’m keen to learn where the industry is on that diffusion curve in putting health information and tools into the hands of consumers, patients and caregivers. I’ll give you four big reasons: The patient is expecting a consumer experience from health care. The patient is worried about privacy and data security. ” The patient is a payor.

Making Health Care Better, from the N of 1 to the Public’s Health – Trend-Weaving Medecision Liberation 2019

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But we must and we will, a group of inspiring and inspired people who work across the health/care ecosystem affirmed this week in Dallas at the conference of Medecision Liberation 2019. Deb shared the experiences of Sam, her friend of 25 years, who had the quite-typical co-morbidity of multiple chronic physical conditions baked with mental health issues. So we’ve spoken to the N of 1 patient-person and the N of 1 physician-clinician. That’s Liberation 2019.

3 Ways that Telehealth Improves the Patient Experience

iSALUS Healthcare

Providers are constantly searching for methods to increase patient engagement and improve the patient experience. When patients are actively engaging with their providers, they are involved in the necessary communication and collaboration it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve health outcomes. Providers who are pursuing high levels of patient satisfaction see their revenue develop rapidly.

Healthcare Providers’ Consumer Experience Gaps – Learnings from Kaufman Hall’s 2019 Index

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healthcare providers are spending more time, effort and capital with an eye to engaging with patients-as-consumers, a trend quantified in the report, the 2019 State of Consumerism in Healthcare: The Bar is Rising from Kaufman Hall, summarizing results from this year’s healthcare consumerism index survey conducted among about 200 healthcare providers. Most U.S.

IKEA Garners the Top Health & Wellness Award at Cannes Lions 2019 – the Expanding Health/Care Ecosystem

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“Health is now everyone’s business,” Shaheed Peera, Executive Creative Director of Publicis LifeBrands, said this week at the 2019 Cannes Lions awards. Shaheed also led the Health & Wellness jury at Cannes Lions 2019, the mission of which is to, in the words of the award’s portal, “celebrate creativity for personal wellbeing.” to the Cannes Lions jury for choosing ThisAbles as the top Health & Wellness innovation for 2019.

Shelly Palmer De-Hypes CES 2019 & Has Lessons for Health/Care

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The rest of the CES story for 2019 is positive, Shelly optimistically continued. ” Making things “slightly better” is happening: for example, testing longer battery life, improving camera technology, and testing hardware security are among the marginal improvements that can make our tech experiences so much better. The post Shelly Palmer De-Hypes CES 2019 & Has Lessons for Health/Care appeared first on

Listening to Osler Listening to the Patient – Liberating Health Care at Medecision Liberation 2019

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“Listen to your patient; he is telling you the diagnosis,” Dr. William Osler is quoted to have said around the turn of the 20th century. Dr. Osler had been a strong advocate for the physician-patient conversation to inform the doctor’s diagnostic acumen and improve patient outcomes. The word can connote freedom for clinicians to practice to the top of their license, and in a practice environment where technology is invisible and empowers diagnosis and patient relationships.

A Smarter Home for Healthy Living at CES 2019….and a nod to Microsoft

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The post A Smarter Home for Healthy Living at CES 2019… and a nod to Microsoft appeared first on Health begins at home. I found evidence for that, beyond my own N of 1 understanding, in a research article published in the U K in 2000 by Lyn Harrison and Frances Heywood.

Art As Medicine – WHO Weaves the Evidence for Arts’ Role in Improving Health

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Drawing from the thousands of studies, the WHO Europe team developed several recommendations: First, to acknowledge the growing case for arts to improve health and well-being, especially to adopt evidence-based programs such as employing recorded music for patients pre-surgery, and deploying various arts media with people dealing with dementia and mental health issues. “What’s the evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being?”

Cleveland Clinic and HIMSS Patient Experience Summit call-for-proposals closes Feb. 5

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The theme of the 10th Annual event is Looking Back, Leaping Forward

The Expectation Gap Between What Patients Want Vs What They Get

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Talk to me, patients are demanding in unison. Most health consumers expect providers to communicate about routine health care and prevention; this is especially true among those patients trying to manage chronic conditions we learn from 10 Ways to Fulfill Patients’ Communication Wish List , a report based on a consumer survey from West, the communications and network infrastructure company.

Retail Health Ends 2018 With Big Plans for 2019

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As the CVS + Aetna merger crosses its last regulatory hurdle at the close of 2018, we enter 2019 facing a fast-growing and -morphing retail health landscape. The three of us will be on a panel addressing retail health disruption at CES 2019 on 9th January 2019 at the Digital Health Summit. Several big-companies with strong brands have announced plans to go big in retail, consumer-facing health in 2019, falling under my expansive umbrella.

Consumers Want to See Investment in Better Experiences – Elevate 2019

Healthcare IT Today

There was an important message for healthcare at the recent Elevate Festival: consumers want to see organizations leveraging existing AND new technologies to improve the overall experience. Communication and Patient Experience Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT Consumerization of Healthcare Elevate Tech Festival eVariant Healthcare Consumerism Patient Experience Salesforce Healthcare Tiffani Bova

Practical Innovation on Full Display at 2019

Healthcare IT Today

Analytics/Big Data Communication and Patient Experience EMR-EHR Healthcare IT IT IT Dev Ops Security and Privacy #EXPOHealth Healthcare Innovation Interoperability Patient Experience Practical InnovationThe annual event was created to break down the silos that separate people, organizations and companies in Health IT.

On Amazon Prime Day, What Could Health Care Look Like?

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For context, this chapter follows two that explain how patients in the U.S. Furthermore, the ubiquity of direct-to-consumer advertisements for prescription drugs that detail to people in mass media channels market medicines in the same moments as food, automobiles, and appliances — an experience that moves Rx drugs from behind the pharmacy counter to a more retail, front-of-store and -mindset. The patient is the payor, the second chapter characterizes.

Telehealth Use Among Older Americans: Growing Interest, Remaining Concerns

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In the Fear of Going Out Era spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients were loath to go to the doctor’s office for medical care, and even less keen on entering a hospital clinic’s doors.

Health Care and Consumers in 2030: A Profile from KPMG

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A “one layered delivery network through which patients can move seamlessly as they age and their needs evolve” will be the new health care platform to meet patients’ demands by 2030, according to a forecast from KPMG’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Institute. These patients lookf or care in an episodic way, KPMG notes. The phone is closely followed by electronic health records (EHRs) and in third place, patient portals.

Listen Up, Healthcare: Hear The Patient’s Voice!

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Consider the voice of a patient before the advent of the Internet in the digital 1.0 One patient could talk with another over their proverbial neighborhood fence, a concerned parent at the PTA meeting with others dealing with a children’s health issue, or a recovering alcoholic testifying in person at an AA session. Nine in ten patient influencers told WEGO Health that online communities play an important role in their health care decisions.