Virtual Healthcare: Your Telehealth Questions Answered by a Doctor

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If you follow the latest developments in health care, you may have noticed: telehealth has taken off. Our country is focused on making health care more accessible for Americans, and naturally, telehealth has emerged as a key innovation that can help to make this a reality. As President and Medical Director of the world’s first telehealth practice, Online Care Group, I’m often asked a handful of common questions about telehealth. What is telehealth?

Case Study: Southwest Medical’s winning strategy for telehealth

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Southwest Medical set out to achieve four broad goals with its telemedicine initiatives: Improve the patient experience. Improve the provider experience. Finally, in-clinic navigators directed patients to the new service, NowClinic.

American Well partners recognized as “top” healthcare leaders

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Intermountain Healthcare, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, took the top spot this year—up from third place in 2014 and 2015—while Cleveland Clinic, based in Cleveland, OH, rounded out the top 10.

Solution to the healthcare access shortage? Telemedicine

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s hard to not consider the access crisis coming in 2014. Not a huge correction, but enough to drastically alter the patient experience. Prior to the mandate, it took an average of 33 days for a patient to see a new PCP when they were symptomatic.

Care Innovations CIO Himanshu Shah to Speak at 2018 Connected Health Summit

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It also helps to educate patients in bringing self-awareness for better management of their health.”. The Summit will split this focus on patient engagement into four important segments, each of which requires “ active consumer participation to be successful.”

Brigham and Women’s Primary Practice Pilots New Mobile App to Drive Patient Engagement & Collaborative Care

Consumer eHealth Engagement

Twine Health Mobile App Engages Patients with Chronic Conditions The story about the health decline of our citizens is being told everywhere. In the December 2014 PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) Report, two relevant health directions are described. Hypertensive Patient Pilot.

Employee Spotlight

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Start Date: December, 2014. After trying our product, it was easy to see so many opportunities for it to improve the healthcare experience on a wide scale. This may include wireframing a redesigned version of the patient homepage, or just whiteboarding requirements with the team.