I say this with some confidence, as Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet in March, 2006. My first tweet was four months later in July 2006. It’s also an easy way to say something – or imply something – that you didn’t quite mean, or didn’t get to explain deeply enough. I experimented (beginning in 1999) with the medium and found that it was a good way for me to communicate with people, provoke thought, and offer insight into the work I was doing.

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10 Famous Celebrities Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Insulin Nation

On days like that, it’s nice to have a reminder that diabetes doesn’t define you. It doesn’t control you. Diabetes is a part of you, but it’s the part that makes you stronger and forces you to be better. . Jay was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2006. It wasn’t until 2008, at the age of 25, that he finally received his diagnosis. But it wasn’t until she became pregnant at the age of 36 that the importance of managing her blood sugars really hit home.

A hospital without patients

Henry Kotula

Louis, nestled among locust, elm and sweetgum trees, the Mercy Virtual Care Center has a lot in common with other hospitals. It has nurses and doctors and a cafeteria, and the staff spend their days looking after the very sick?checking Mercy Virtual is arguably the world’s most advanced example of something gaining momentum in the health care world: A virtual hospital, where specialists remotely care for patients at a distance. It’s a very strong future business model.”.