A million views in 44 days! ClearHealthCosts price transparency TED Talk goes viral

Society for Participatory Medicine

Good thing, too – there’s a famous 2006 health policy article called The Pricing of US Hospital Services: Chaos Behind a Veil of Secrecy. key people news & gossip policy issues positive patterns reforming hc clearhealthcosts cost transparency Health Care Consumers Health Costs Healthcare Consumerism Patients price transparencySPM member Jeanne Pinder has spent years crusading for price transparency with her startup ClearHealthCosts.

The who, what, when, where, and why of Cochrane

Society for Participatory Medicine

Over its first 20 years, Cochrane has grown from an initial group of 77 people from nine countries who met at the first Cochrane Colloquium in Oxford in 1993 to over 31,000 contributors from more than 120 countries in 2015, making it the largest organization involved in this kind of work (Allen 2006; Allen 2007; Allen 2011). Cochrane Collaboration logo – it’s a forest plot!

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