Strengthen America’s Mental Health Workforce Together

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

With more than 44 million Americans having a diagnosable mental health condition—56 percent of which do not receive treatment—taskforces unite from various sectors in strengthening the nation’s mental health workforce. About the Center for Total Health .

Guns, Jobs, or Health Care? In 2018, Voters Split as to Top Issue

Health Populi

cording to the May 2018 Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll. And, as a growing public health issue, “guns” could also be adjacent to health. “If it isn’t a health problem, then why are all these people dying from it?”

Is an Asylum-Seeker’s Diabetes Being Dangerously Mismanaged?

Insulin Nation

Robert Painter, director of pro bono legal programs for American Gateways, admits that they don’t have a way to verify the health status of those who come to them with concerns like those that Menjivar Guardado expressed.