More U.S. medical schools are churning out more doctors, but residency slots don’t keep pace


medical schools has increased by 29% since 2002. In what’s good news for the predicted physician shortage, first-year enrollment at U.S. But the number of residency slots has not kept pace


Maternal Gluten Intake Linked to T1D in Children

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The study analyzed 91 745 women and 101 042 pregnancies recorded from January 1996 to October 2002, which covered about 35% of births in Denmark in that period. The Danish National Birth Cohort collects data on pregnant women fluent in Danish.


The New Financial Toxicity in Health Care: The Cost of Hospitalization

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The data points come from one-half million people who were hospitalized in California between 2002 and 2011 and tracked in credit reports which included information on whether and when the patients filed for bankruptcy.

Torrey Pines Invests in 19Labs' Innovative Telehealth 2.0 Point of Care Solutions


SAN DIEGO, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Torrey Pines Investment today announced its commitment to support 19Labs, creator of GALE Telehealth 2.0

Why the RPM Codes for 2019 are Different, and – Most Importantly – SPOT ON!

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This code was created in 2002 and has been available for reimbursement since January 1, 2018, paying approximately $59 per month. CPT, CMS, RVU, RUC, ICT, DRG, AMA, QHP … so much alphabet soup! Just knowing how to “say” each of these terms is an accomplishment.

The Pump Failure Reporting System is Flawed

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Since 2002, according to the FDA’s reporting system, there have been 10 insulin pump-related U.S. In the first two parts of this series on insulin pump safety, European and U.S. health officials called for better and more uniform insulin pump safety standards.


Electronic Health Records : History, hurdles and the promise of Blockchain

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In 2002, the National Health Service began one of the largest and most ambitious healthcare IT projects of the time, with the help of four companies, including US based company Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).

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Starting Off T1 Without a Roadmap

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There are a number of studies that tout the benefits of having such a plan, including one from the Diabetes Care Journal in 2002 which found that quality of care increased while there was a significant reduction in healthcare costs when plans were in place.


Barred from Work Because of Diabetes Ignorance

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In 2002, he worked for a month through a temp agency at a food processing plant in Fort Worth, Texas, in a job that required heavy manual labor unloading delivery trucks and handling containers of ingredients.


Pumps are an Adjunct, Not a Cure

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In 2002, I first received notification of an FDA recall of an insulin pump because “some pumps started programming a bolus of insulin that was not initiated by the pump user.” My first patient of the day was a woman with Type 1 who had worn an insulin pump for 15 years.


Celebrating the Rare T1 Winter Olympian

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Freeman was first diagnosed in 2000, while training for the 2002 Olympics. Olga Popova / The T1 community has been rightly celebrating the return of U.S. cross-country skier Kris Freeman to the Winter Olympics.

Basal insulin Management in T1D

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After Glargine and Detemir were developed in 2002 and 2003, the first thing everyone wanted to know was how well they worked with regard to hypoglycemia. Overview.


Why Does Pen Usage Lag in the U.S.?

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When she was first diagnosed in 2002, her treatment was covered under her parents’ insurance. Americans love gadgets. From iPads to Androids to GPS, we’re a nation hooked on streamlined devices designed to simplify, entertain, and guide. So why then does the U.S

HIStalk Interviews Thomas Charlton, CEO, Goliath Technologies

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You were described in a 2002 profile as being an aggressive leader who pushes employees hard, puts performance monitoring in place, and then gets results from companies that were previously struggling. Thomas Charlton is chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies of Philadelphia, PA. Tell me about yourself and the company. I started my career talking to surgeons about the benefits of minimally invasive surgery and the impact on patient care.

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First Mother’s Day Without Mom

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Even before then, my mom had joined KP as a member in 2002, after she and my dad moved to California to live with my family.